How we work with clients.

01 – Feasibility

An information gathering phase that will be the foundation for the design phases to follow. The main goal is to learn everything possible about our clients’ needs as well as determine how much space you need now and likely to need in the future, and how that space should be used, organized, and arranged. Clients should be very involved during this phase. Collaborating in this way allows us to better understand your values and needs, resulting in a design that reflects your individuality with optimal functionality.

– background research about site & location
– survey of existing conditions
– zoning & land use requirements
– project feasibility confirmation / alternative
– programming.

02 – Concept Design

We start to translate the Program into an efficient building design. We explore design concepts, test options, and start to get a general idea of the look and feel. We present ideas by using images, hand sketches, and models to help visualize the size, shape, and relationship of spaces to each other to discuss with our client until we reach an agreed upon design direction.

– sketches & models to test ideas, concepts & relationships
– client feedback & refinements
– preliminary floor plans
– exterior & interior concept ready for further development

03 – Detail Design

During this phase, the exterior of the building will be fully designed, the interior layout completed, the dimensions of all spaces finalized, and all materials selected. Drawings are developed into precise and thorough set of construction documents containing all the information necessary to communicate to a general contractor and build the project.

– advancement & refinement of design
– structural engineer & other consultants added
– outline specification
– client decisions on materials & finishes
– specification of all fixtures & components to be installed
– dimensioned drawings and connection details
– preliminary cost estimating

04 – Building Permit

The construction drawings, along with additional information required to get a building permit are submitted to the city / jurisdiction for review and approval.

– building, land use & energy code compliance checklists and forms
– monitor application progress
– provide additional information as requested

05 – Bidding & Negotiation

Some customers already have a contractor in mind when they come to us. But many take advantage of our extensive contractor directory and relationships to find their builder and get competitive bids.

– Issue drawings & specs
– answer questions from bidders & issue clarification if necessary
– review & compare bids and advise client

06 – Site Follow-up

During construction, our role is advisor to the owner. We visit the jobsite at regular intervals to answer questions from the builder and proactively address potential issues. We can still rearrange or optimize spaces if necessary.

– regular on-site meetings
– provide additional drawings & 3D as needed
– final punch list

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